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Non-Directional light reflectance

The difference as demonstrated in fig.1 and fig. 2 dramatically affect how the surface brightness appears at different viewing angles. The ARCHWHITE 93-NDR appears the same brightness as the viewer observes the ceiling panels, wall panels and column covers from different viewing angles. This is because the reflected light is non-directional as seen in Fig. 2.

Low gloss textured diffuse white surface

A typical low gloss textured diffuse white surface will reflect light as demonstrated in Fig. 1.

ARCHWHITE 93-NDR proprietary coated surface

ARCHWHITE 93-NDR uses the proprietary coated surface to reflect light as demonstrated in Fig. 2 (International Patent Application No. PCT/US2014052103)

3D Modeling, Profilometer Test Data for a Coil Surface Coating

So what makes the ARCHWHITE 93-NDR surface so special? (International Patent Application No. PCT/US 2014052103) One of the best ways to explain the proprietary surface coating is to look at data gathered from profilometer testing. We take samples of the coated surface that are 2mm X 2mm and scan at very high resolutions. The unit of measure is in microns. This allows us to observe the surface motifs. (the roughness of the surface). This data can be placed into a 3D model. We all know that textured or smooth matte surfaces will help diffuse the light that is reflected off of them. However directing the diffuse light so that it is evenly spread in all directions requires more than a textured or matte surface. It requires that the incoming rays of light are diffused and reflected evenly in all directions.
Now let’s look at some 3D modeling using the profilometer test data:
Typical Smooth Matte Finish (Roll Coated)

Typical Smooth Low Gloss Surfaces (Roll Coated)

The orange represents the peaks of the surface and the blue represents the valleys of the surface. Typical smooth coated surfaces have an average 11 micron thickness spread between the peaks and the valleys. This means the reflected light cannot be evenly dispersed in all directions.
Typical Textured Matte Finish (Roll Coated)

Typical Textured Surfaces
(Roll Coated)

Typical textured surfaces have a variance between peaks and valleys of about 40 microns. However the majority of the surface is made up with peaks and plateaus. The light tends to skip off the rounded peaks and plateaus in limited directions.
ARCHWHITE 93-NDR Surface (Roll Coated)

(Roll Coated)

Our proprietary surface has peak to valley difference of about 35 microns. However the valleys and peaks are evenly distributed. In addition the peaks and valleys are more random in size. This causes the reflected light rays to disperse evenly in the vertical and horizontal planes. The result is the light intensity appears the same from any viewing angle. (see video) The high incident light which most often causes glare and mirror reflections are for the most part eliminated. This also eliminates hot spots from light sources that are in close proximity to the surface.

Total Amount of Light Being Reflected

There is a direct correlation between the light being reflected off the ceilings, walls and column covers and the overall lighting efficiency. The higher light reflectance can dramatically reduce the number of light fixtures This translates directly into energy savings. ArchWhite93-NDR has the highest total reflectance of any product currently on the market.
reflectance value comparison



The ArchWhite93-NDR has an avg. LRV of 93.2%. This is the highest total reflectance white coated ceiling product on the market. The reflected light is uniform and so even that it is difficult to distinguish the difference in brightness at different viewing angles.



The typical textured coil coated surface has and LRV avg. of 90.1%. It is worth noting that a number of the textured coatings on the market avg. 85% to 86%.



The typical smooth matte surface has an avg. LRV of 83.3%. Regardless of the smooth matte finish it still reflects the majority of the light in a simi-directional pattern.

Grazing light and glare illistration

Trilumacoat ArchWhite93-NDR Videos

Click on the image above to view videos of ArchWhite93-NDR verses other coated surfaces

For samples please click here and fill out the contact information Note: Higher LRV and lower gloss levels are available however these products require much larger order minimums and pricing for these products increase dramatically.