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ArchWhite94–MT is a modified textured surface product. This textured surface also has a 94% minimum total reflectance. However the textured surface reduces the gloss level to 3 to 5. This product is excellent for large ceiling applications.

The light reflection is diffused more dramatically at the lower incident angles as demonstrated with the laser images shown below. The ArchWhite94-MT has increased diffusion at the higher incident angles than the ArchWhite94-L.
ArchWhite94-MT Beam Spread

This material will appear brighter at high grazing angles and can help reduce glare due to extremely diffuse surface created by the texture.

Our triple coat technology increases the total reflectance at higher incident angles of light.
ArchWhite94-MT incident angle

This means the ceilings will appear brighter at the higher incident angles and there will be an increased percentage of light reflected.