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TRI LUMA COAT has taken their proprietary triple coat technology and applied it to their white architectural coated aluminum products.


This smooth surface has a 94% minimum total reflectance, it is one of the highest total reflectance coated aluminum ceiling products on the market. The gloss level is held to a 6-8 gloss range.

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This is a modified textured surface with a 94% minimum total reflectance. It was designed with an incredible 3 to 5 gloss level which creates a very diffuse surface.

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Product ArchWhite94–L ArchWhite94–MT
Discription Low Gloss Smooth Surface Low Gloss Modified Textured Surface
TR % 94% Min. 94% Min.
Gloss % 5% - 7% 3% - 5%
Gauge Range * Minimum .014" .018"
Maximum .045" .045"
Max Width ** 52.500" 52.500"
Coil I.D. 20.00" 20.00"
Coil Max. O.D. 49.500" 49.500"
Coil Wt. lbs. Minimum 6000 6000
Maximum 8500 8500
With PVC Film Yes Yes
Without PVC Film Yes Yes
Mark Resistant Yes Yes
* Gauge After Paint
** Width before edge trim

Detailed technical data and samples are available upon request.