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OptiXLR95- LG is a low gloss, high reflectance, white material. It is designed for reflectors where the application requires a level of beam control but the inherent advantages of having a semi-diffuse white finish are still necessary.

OptiXLR95- LG produces a smooth, uniform beam where the efficiency will be significantly improved over a generic white powder coat paint. This will help you achieve higher illuminance levels across the target plane.

OptiXLR95- LG works well in LED applications where the diode image must not appear on the reflector. Typically the LED’s can be placed within 1.250” from reflector and the low gloss surface will help eliminate any image.

OptiXLR95- LG works with a recessed troffer that uses a lens at the aperture. The low gloss reflector will help evenly light the lens and the low gloss along with the 95% TR will still give some beam control within the optics.

Beam Spread

Beam Spread LG


Beam Spread TXL


Beam Spread HG




As with all Tri Luma Coat lighting products you can find specific product data in LTI Optic’s Photopy Library.

When using the Photopy Library to look up the specific OptiXLR products please use the following codes:

95% minimum TR with extra high gloss: OptiXLR95-LG
95% minimum TR with extra low gloss: OptiXLR95-TXL
95% minimum TR with textured low gloss: OptiXLR95-HG
96% minimum TR with extra low gloss: OptiXLR96-LG